Can someone please help?!

Ok so im tryna create an overlay mid scene but errors keep showing!!

The error right now says

Invalid format to specify overlay animation parameters. You have to put value(s) after using keyword. Or remove last trailing whitespace.

My Code

(Not full scene)

@pause for a beat
&overlay ELI FINGER create
&overlay ELI FINGER moves to zone 1
&overlay ELI FINGER shifts to 273 263
&overlay ELI FINGER scales to 0.388 0.388
&overlay ELI FINGER opacity 1
@zoom on 246 284 to 867% in 0

Don’t you need to put the opacity code before the shift code and can’t you move a overlay in another zone?

This is not a valid command. The zone is added with the shift command

@overlay OVERLAY shifts to x y in zone #

I tried that but it just came up as an error.

@Lynai idk im already confused :joy:

i did your code ,and it said the same error so remove this one

Post a screenshot of your script.

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Ok I figured out what was wrong :joy: thanks you guys for helping <3

@Sydney you can close this thread ! :hearts: