Can someone please help

Hi I was reading a story today and just fell in love but I totally forgot to save it and I don’t remember the name of the story and can’t find it. I was wondering if someone knows what it is.

It’s about a girl who you can customize and her boyfriend Esafone I think who cheats on her with a celebrity and her parents do business with his. But the girl meets this guy who got held back a year, Ian and they become friends and maybe more. The girls best friends betray her and say she’s dumb for dumping the first boy behind her back and she hears everything.

Sorry this is such a bad description but I just really like this story and want to find it. Thanks

Rebounding with Bad?

Yeah I think it’s that as well. But I can’t remember the MC’s ex cheating on her with the celebrity part.

I’m pretty sure he does in RWB. The girl was famous or a model or actress or something. I think?

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Oh ok. I read the story ages ago so I probably don’t remember :joy:

It is Rebounding with bad…
@EliseC The girl was famous because of her parents business and they were pretty rich as well.:grin::grin:

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Thank you guys all sooooo much