Can someone please make a night version of this background?


Hello guys, so I’m writing a story that includes this background, but there’s no night version of it and it kind of trows of the whole mood of the story if I tell the readers to pretend that it’s night time while it’s too obviously daytime. If someone could make this background into a night background for me I would be so thankful and give you full credit for it and promote you. So please to the picture editors out there I need your help!
Thank you in advance:blush:

  • Tirsa Betterson

Here’s the background:

Whose background is this?

I’m gonna try for you…


Thank you already:blush:


I’m almost done




This is what I have so far I’m adding some stars in the back sky and a light


You guys are so amazing!:blush:
And I’ll use them both because one shines more light on the table and the other is mysterious for the start of a date. Do you guys want me to use your forum names or real names(if given)?
And again, thank you so much guys
I will send you both a personal message when I’m publishing the story.

  • Tirsa Betterson


Hi , and NP. You can use my ig name brvnda :slight_smile:


let me resize the pic :slight_smile:




Here is my finished product



Awesome, this is amazing. Do you want me to use your forum name or real name(if given)?


Forum name is fine… since this is where I do all my art stuff


Okay great:+1:t5:


Here is the right size