Can someone please make a overlay for the bed covers and pink chair please

It does belong to them BUT as it’s a “hidden” background, we, the community writers, cannot use it. It’s their property and is copyrighted by Episode. Sometimes the reviewers make mistakes and approve the images that are hidden BUT the stories that do use them that make them to the review process are usually removed for Copyright Violations.

So, to keep that from happening, you can check out: (they have Vector (more cartoon-y style) and AI/semi-realistic rendered backgrounds as well) (filters for free use available and has several styles of backgrounds and overlay png files)

Also, these threads: Check their rules, give credit how they ask and as a general rule, never share their art with anyone- just give people their links:

^^read through the comments, people put their drives and credit info in them.

^These are all the links that I know have similar styles to Episode as well as Google Drive links. Hopefully between these, you’ll find another bedroom like the one you found on Pinterest. As a bunch have pointed out, Pinterest and Google are not good resources for any type of image because they aren’t moderated well and you can upload just about anything to Pinterest-- meaning one image may be shared by multiple members so the chances of finding the original copyright holder is almost impossible and without that, using it becomes illegal.