Can someone please make an Cover art Please?(CLOSED)

Can someone please make me an art cover in LL please the story is about

The Plot

A story about
a dragon but shape shifts into a girl & also breathes fire who lives in the mountain range bordering a kingdom. She lives a simple, hermit-like life, until someone comes to kill her. It’s the prince of the kingdom below; the village people have seen her shadow when she flies over, seen the scorch marks her animal-hunting escapades leave behind. They’ve constructed this terrifying tale of a mighty beast who lives in the mountains and eats bad children. Whenever children go missing, it’s blamed on the dragon. The prince doesn’t really believe it exists but to appease his people, he tells them that he will find and slay it.
When he finds the cave, what he sees instead is a beautiful (or plain, or ugly, why does every character have to be beautiful to be loved) girl.



And Also can you please some how add a dragon please, Thank you.