Can someone please make me a background?

Hi, I’m in need of a background, can someone find me or make me one?
I need on that is of car seats. I actually need two background if you can. It’s supposed to look like the inside of a car, I need on with three seats, so in looks like the back seat of an actual car. And I need one with two seats, so it look like the front of a car? It doesn’t have to have a steering wheel, I just want the seats of the car.
If you make this background, I will definitely credit you. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!
Thank you!:grin:

I can help with the background

]The WaterColour Kitten's Background Shop - Fast and Free!

Thank you! Am I going to have to go to your thread, or are you going to give it to me on mine?
I love your examples btw!

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Thanks so much and either way is fine

Can you give it to me on my page? If you don’t mind.

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I dont mind
When do you want it ?

If you can, I would like to have it by tomorrow or the day after, If not just tell me and I’ll understand.

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I was wondering if you have any progress done? Not rushing, I’m just asking is all.

Dont worry and I havent gotten the chance to start but I will start noe

Oh okay, just making sure. I’m sorry for rushing. Thank you.

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