Can someone please make me a COVER for my story!

Can some one make me a cover for my characters please
I want my cover to look like this

My story is about 2 vampire brother that fall in love with the same girl also that girl has a doppelgänger

I want my cover look like this

Like how the the girl in the link cover has her hand on their chin

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I’d be more than happy to! Can you just do me a favour and put both versions of the girl with the animation (talk_reassure) (it’ll make it easier to put her hand on their chins :)) ) And you don’t have to get rid of the background btw you can leave it and I’ll get rid of it!

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Thank you so much
I’ll do it in a sec
And I’ll give animations for the both boys like how I want there facial expression to look like
I’ll send you Video of them doing the animation if that’s fine unless you want pictures of them doing the animation
thank you so much :heart::heart:

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You can just copy and paste the picture of them!

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Okayyy I’ll do that right now

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I’ll give you the clothes I want them to wear too

Clothes - top- Printed shirt leatherjacket leather black shirt white
Bottom- chain accessories ripped jean denim black
Boots- Lace up hiking boots leather grey black
Earrings- Ear cuff Elven ear earrings metal gold
Accessories- Eye Vein blue
Tattoo- Dagger heart chest tattoo Ink Multi color, Full body tribal skull lace ink black

Clothes -top - casual Cotten jacket T shirt shirt Cotten grey black

Bottom -Ripped knee rocker jeans denim grey black

Shoes- Chunky sneakers leather black

Accessories- Eyes vein blue , Earrings- Multi cartilage piercing metal sliver , bracelet- Braided bracelet black

Tattoo- skull and star chest tattoo, full body tribal skull lace Ink black

Madison -
Clothes - skirt- foldedwaistedband basic suede neutral white

Crop top - Aiko crop top cotton Neutral white

On top of the crop top- Mid length belted Blazer cotton Green Mint

Heels- Pointed toe high heels pleather blue wintermint

Tattoo- Snak and rose tattoo Ink multicolor, Floral Heart Chest Tattoo Soild, skull and roses Arm Tattoo, Scar Eye left (04-07)

Accessories- bracelet- Strapped accented watch face metal cold -necklace-ringed Long chain necklace metal silver -earrings-Thin heart earrings metal silver

Katrina/ vampire/ doppelgänger

Clothes - top- Sleuthing outfit shirt

Bottom - short tight slit skirt leather grey black

Shoes/boots- Gogo Boots knee high pleather grey black

Tattoo-Snak and rose tattoo Ink multicolor, Floral Heart Chest Tattoo Soild, skull and roses Arm Tattoo, Scar Eye left (04-07)

Accessories- Eye Vein blue

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One more thing, what’s the name of your story? Also you didn’t have to screenshot! Where it says “animation” for the character the girls should be talk_reassure and the boys can have whatever animation you’d like! Then you right click over the box with the character in it, copy it, and paste it in forums :)) Sorry if that seems like a lot

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Drink my Blood
I’ll do that rn

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Ok! Thank you so much, I’m excited to make this cover for you!

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Oh my god you literally the sweetest :sob::heart:

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Thank you :pleading_face:

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Sorry to be annoying but you never copy and pasted the characters! It should look like that !


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Sorry I was taking a long time wait
I also want One of the boys to have a stake in there heart and one of the girls to have a stake in there other hand and the vampire girl to have a blood bag in her hand
And one of the boy vampire to have a heart in there hand can you do that ?

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That’s fine don’t be sorry! I’m sure I can add them, it doesn’t seem too tough! I just need the 4 characters (the background colour doesn’t matter, the pose for the girls should be talk reassure andddd the boys can have whatever pose you want!)

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The body for all characters


Arm on the chest for the stake in the heart

Lmk if you want any other animations

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Ok thank you!!!

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This is perfect

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Can I also have like blood on the both side of Ezra , Ryder and Katrinas lips please

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Sure thing!

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