Can someone please make me a splash?


I need a splash that says “This story will be continued”
I need there to be 5 characters on the front if you can fit them.

I want this girl to be in the middle faces left and doing the animation talk_forward, so she it facing forward

I want this character to be on the left side facing left and doing the animation talk_exclaim_yes

This character to be doing eyeroll on the right on the girl faces right and doing the animation eyeroll

I would like this character to be on the far left facing left behind the boy with the red hair and doing the animation talk_excited

And lastly, this beauty. I would love for this person to be positioned on the right facing right behind the person in black. And doing the animation talk_exclaim_yes

If you could make this for me just reply. You will be majorly credited. If you have anymore questions about the characters, just ask!


I can


Episode harmony can


I can make the splash. But is it fine if I get help. Do u want some examples?






I actually need a different splash. Yes, you can send me examples.


Examples here

Also @abbey.jonesy011 @MidnightRain show your examples

Examples (click me)


Yea, but wdym different splash?


I’ve done more, but these were the ones I thought were the best that I made and the most decent to display. The last one Im still working on though.






Show your covers


Jen you’ve really improved!


casually sent my examples to the wrong place.


You’re guys’ splashes are really good! Can you make one for me?


Thank you Amani!


Sure hun

Examples (open me)


R u talking general or just asking @Epy.raven? Sorry kinda got lost.