Can someone please make this into an overlay? (I kinda suck so I'll take really long)

Hey, I’ll just get straight to the point! I would appreciate if someone could create the rails on the red carpet into an overlay because I want to have paparazzi behind it but without the overlay, it’ll be weird.

Here’s the background: (I’m only using the red carpet area.)

Thanks a lot!

I’m also actually coding the scene right now, so as soon as possible would be great! :hot_face: :heart:

I did it really quickly, so it’s probably pretty messy, but overlays stress me out too much to do them perfectly

If you use this please credit my Instagram rywrites16_episode!


Okay, tysm! (It probabaly won’t matter if it’s messy since I’m just adding it on top of the original rails. However, I’ll let you know if it doesn’t work!)

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