Can someone please review my story

I have made my first attempt of writing and would really like some reviews and input. I have about 10 episode published right now this is the link ANY input would be greatly appreciated as I do not know how else to get it out there to be seen.


I can sometime :smiley:


i can

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Moved to Share Feedback since it’s about reviews. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. :wink:

Thank you

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Chapter 10 is now completed please read and give me your feedback. I am so grateful I finally got my first couple of reads the more feedback I can get is well appreciated.

Hi all chapter 11 of Invisible to Undeniable is out. Reads are still on the low side I would love some feedback and pointers from readers and other writers with more experience than myself. I try to update with a new episode every few days. Looking forward to the feedback good and bad.

I’d love to get my story read by more readers any ideas on how to achieve this would be great. Also any feedback on the actual story would be greatly appreciated as well.

Invisible to Undeniable is my very first story. I would really like any feedback possible on directing to the story line. The first 15 episodes are out now.

Hi all I am super excited to say that episode 21 is now out.
If anyone has anyway to help me boost reads I would really appreciate it. I am at 165 reads so far please keep them coming. Thanks for all the support.