Can someone please tell me what this means and how to fix it?


I want the music to be playing an when I want it to turn off, it tells me its a bad placement. how do i fix that


Try spacing everything and see if that helps.


thank you for your response but that didn’t work :frowning:


Try putting @pause for a beat after the sound.


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You need to fix the TEACHER dialogue. TEACHER is in red so the error is that. Does that character exist?


Dara.Amarie is right. “TEACHER” is the real error.

Sometimes when errors shows up, it tends jump to a line it can read because it can’t properly read the one that’s messed up. Once you replace “TEACHER” with “MRS SMITH,” your music should play perfectly and you can preview your story.


It didn’t exist at the time LOL, @Ryan pls close


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