Can someone PLEASE tell me what's worng?

I don’t understand what’s wrong, the character “Little Bell” doesn’t appear in the right spot on the preview. Here is my script:

@LITTLE NOAH enters from left to upscreen left

@LITTLE NOAH spot 0.821 107 110

@LITTLE BELL enters from left to screen left

@LITTLE BELL spot 0.803 52 76

Are you in a certain zone?

if you use enters

The character will apearin the random size 1.280
and if you than write spot he kinda jumps to the spot and size…

if you want him to walk to that spots already being resized you have to first place them by spotdirecting offscreen and than give WALK comand to that spot

it will look something like this:

@LITTLE NOAH spot 0.821 -100 110
@LITTLE BELL spot 0.803 -100 76
@LITTLE NOAH walks to spot 0.821 107 110 in 3
@LITTLE BELL waks to spot 0.803 52 76 in 3

Thank you so much! It worked.

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