Can someone please tell me why this background isn't showing up? It did in my earlier scenes

@speechbubble is 209 345 to 100%
&zoom reset
@EX 2 changes into EX 2_default
@EX 2 spot 1.280 352 21 in zone 3 AND EX 2 faces left
@LEXIE changes into Lexie Boat
@LEXIE stands screen left in zone 3 AND LEXIE faces right
@cut to zone 3
@EX 2 is kneel_reach AND LEXIE is talk_repulsed

Was that Lexie's boyfriend proposed to her on the ship.

After an initial no, 

&LEXIE is talk_awkward
Lexie responded with a reluctant yes.
She knew however, that she wanted to wait to tell Wyndell.

Lexie remembered what happened that night in the parking lot...
And in the back of her mind, she herself, was feeling foolish for having agreed to marriage with him.
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This background has only 1 zone, but you’re trying to cut to zone 3.

Thank you!

Marked as solved and closed. Thanks @Dara.Amarie :slight_smile: