Can someone pls create me an overlay?

hey!! i need a favor, i have this background that i found online and i seriously need some overlays! so if anyone wants to help me… please i appreciate it! credits will be given without a doubt :slight_smile: this is the bg:

thank you <3

i forgot to mention that i’d like the overlay of the little bench and the first lockers on the right

OMG! thank you so much. i’m amazed at how fast you were ahaha.
do you want the credit to be given by your ig @ or your @ from the forum?

It’s okay these were quick. No cred needed :grin:

thanks again for your help! <333

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Is it okay if I use any of these ( the bg & ols ) ? proper credits will be given.

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also, i forgot to ask if you still could do the overlay for the closer bench? i totally forgot to ask pls forgive me :,)

yes, ofc u can use… but the background isn’t mine. i think i downloaded from google

I hope the bg is copyright free :sweat_smile:

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thank you so much again! i hope too lol ;-;