Can someone pls help me!?

hi, i’m having trouble finding a good background to go under this overlay, the overlay is kinda confusing me how its suppose to work.
i really need this for a scene but i dont know how to work it out, it looks funny when i add it to the script. someone pls help! :frowning_face:

I can help you, but what do you need exactly?

i just need someone to properly show me how to use this specific overlay in a background, just so i get an idea on how to use it in my story :blush:

Ok, so do you want me to give you the script to put an overlay in the story?

yes pls, if you can.

Sure, just gimme me a min

Are you trying to use your own background or the background that pairs with that overlay?

Just add the overlay with the background name


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Yeah, I was just going to say that hahaha. Hope it helped anyway:)))

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ohhh thank you! i didnt know there was a background that pairs with it. and i cant believe that the dara.amarie responded to me, i was freaking outtt! :laughing: i love all your templates, you’ve saved me tons of time. thank you! :heart:

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Can somebody resize this to 640 x 1136 please

do you still need this resized?

yes please

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