Can someone pls read my story

…& tell me why it’s gotten removed? I’m not listening to any more vague emails. I need to know why. Thank you.

Vague emails? Doesn’t Episode send you the exact reason for taking down your story?

No they just sent me an extremely vague email leaving me confused. They didn’t give me a warning email prior and are refusing to tell me what scenes violated.

Do you think you might know why they took down your story, what was it about?

no idea. That’s why I’m looking for someone who is willing to read it/

I’m pretty sure if its taken down, you cant read it.

u can rewrite yr story but do not include stuff tht is against the guideline. did u message @Tyler about it

I think the best thing to do is send a support ticket.

I would gladly read it but if it was taken down I don’t think I’m able too… I agree best thing to do would be to submit a support ticket

Please submit a ticket to the support team here with your concerns. Thanks!