Can someone plz tell me where is a laptop 💻 prop or overlay is and how to use it?

Help plz! New Episodian here😉

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Hi, welcome!
There isn’t a computer prop, but @sophookles has some overlays on her site :blob_hearts:

Thanks a lot…Also how do I use it from a site?:sweat:

heres a random laptop overlay- idk who its by though LOL i got it over a year ago

Same question…how do I use it?:sweat:

Well, if someone wants credit, then make sure to credit them in the story somewhere. To remove bg, just go to a site like To actually use it, you need to upload it to the episode portal and wait till it’s approved.

I m feeling stupid rn…how do I upload it on the portal??:joy:

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Download the image to your device, open the Episode portal, click on Art Catalog, select overlays, then in the first dropdown menu under overlays, select uploaded to my account.
Like here:

Got it…Thanks a ton🙏

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