Can someone point out what Im missing here

&FAITH stands back right FAITH moves to layer 1 AND FAITH faces left AND HOPE stands back right AND HOPE moves to layer 1 AND HOPE faces right AND TOM stands back left AND TOM moves to layer -1 AND TOM faces right AND TOM is text_phone_neutral_loop

Says I can’t do that. I’m sure I’m just looking over something but can someone help me, please.

Shouldn’t it be “back screen right/left”? Instead of just ‘back’?
Sorry I don’t use this kind of character placement anymore… :sweat_smile:

No I always put them stands back left/right then spot them where I need them in the scene I just do this to get them in the scene then move them where I need them

The screen is only for when you do @CHARACTER stands screen right not for back :slight_smile:

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Found it forgot my AND after &FAITH stands back right

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