Can someone proof read my first chapter?

I was wondering if someone can proofread my first chapter? I’m trying to avoid too many cliches and I want the chapter to be engaging. (Like the whole show not tell) I’ve read some things that’ll make people stop reading. My biggest worry is the whole flashback + narration things (which happens in the beginning of my episode) and the unrealistic boring plot, and overused character tropes (ex: damsel in distress, toxic people, bad boy,)

hey! depending on the plot i would be willing to proof read it, i can’t do it immediately but i can do it later today

I would love to

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I have a lot on today, but I can find some time to go over it if you like? Just DM me your link, and the description of the story, (the description doesn’t show up otherwise and I have no idea what the story is about :woman_facepalming:t2::joy:)

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