Can someone proofread one chapter for me?

It’s my first story ever! I’ve been working on it since April 2018 but then I stopped due to my procrastination :woman_facepalming:t2: But now I finally edited and completed the… FIRST chapter. :pleading_face: I know it’s not much but ugh i had so much planned but i can’t do anything cuz I’m lazy and cuz I have school (just 16-year old girl things lol)

And don’t read the 2nd chapter cuz it sucks. No other reason.

Please also rate my episode by:

Cover: (out of 5)
Plot: (out of 5)
Directing: (out of 5)
Narration or way of story-telling: (out of 5)
Grammer: (out of 5)

** Also please let me know about any errors or anything that seems out of place or seems unpleasant to the eyes or wrong grammer.**

(English is not my native language so i apologise for errors :cry: :heart: )

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I can try to do it ! :blush:

I can totally help if you still need it!:grin: