Can someone read my first episode?


Can someone read the first episode of my story? and tell me what i can fix? it will mean so much to me.



I’d be happy to!!


Thank u sm!! i posted the link x


Okay so I’ve read your story and I have to say, I loooooveee the storyline!! One thing to improve on though, when your character hugs/kisses someone just make sure they are facing the right way because for some reason they always face the opposite direction so just be aware!! But I will definitely be looking for this story on the app once you’ve published!! :heartbeat::grin:


Yeah ive tried to fix that ahaha, thank you so much girl! means so much <3 xxx


Don’t worry about it!! :slightly_smiling_face:


What is your story called??


Nothings going on


Okieeee <3