Can someone read my story? and tell me if theres any errors x

It would mean alot if someone could read my story and tell me if its boring or the directings bad, i need advice… xx

Quick note. The 2nd chapter isn’t finished yet x

I can do it

please give your honest opinion xx

I started reading your story, my one concern is your background characters, you’ve basically just kept them the same as they’d appear in the catalogue. Change them up, change their clothes etc. Max and the other two guys next to him are basically carbon copies of themselves. Unless they’re triplets mix them up. Other than that I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far.

so far it’s good, no direction problems or anything. only thing that I would change is when she stands out of bed by Lucas, let her stand up slower, so she just wakes up and then stands up.
but that’s just a really little thing & didn’t really bothered much.
so keep up your work it’s really good! :slight_smile:

Omg that was awesome!!! How do you get your narrorator bubbles to look like that? They’re like translucent!! And how do you do the thing that drops down from the top that said “prom”?

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