Can Someone Read My Story And Tell Me Where I Should Put The 2-4 Choices & Music/Sound Effects In Each One?

Can someone please read my story: The Young Actress (21 Episodes in all so far) and tell me where in each episode I should put 2-4 choices and Music/Sound Effects? (I’m new to writing, it’s my first story). If you’d like to contact me on Instagram instead of here, my episode Instagram is alexandra_stella_episode.

Note, if at ALL possible read all 21 Episodes but any amount of Episodes is fine.

Hey @Allie_Diamond_Epy, I don’t think this works. Can you perhaps send the script from one episode? I can tell you where you can put your choices and sound, that would be a lot easier for me and also a lot other episode writers who wants to help you with this :wink:

And one last important question is your story INK or Limelight?

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Alright! I’ll PM you.

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It’s in Ink & Limelight

I sent you the script for episode 1

Do you have the link to your story?