Can someone read our fist chapter?

Hi :blush: me and @Mitt are entering the college contest and we are having second thoughts about our first episode lenght. It’s really long and we are thinking about splitting it to two chapters, but a lot of the episode are flashbacks so we aren’t really sure. Can someone please read our first episode and give us feedback? (Mainly about the lenght, but we will appreciate feedback about other things too :grin: )
Thank you :blush:

Please don’t judge by the title, we promise it’s not some cringy story about falling in love with your professor :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Hi there! :blush:

I just finished reading the first episode! I personally don’t mind long episodes, but I do believe it would help if you split the first episode into two episodes. Especially since you are entering the contest, I think it would help Reader Retention since they account for that in their scoring, and some readers prefer shorter chapters.

That being said, I really enjoyed it though - it’s really fun seeing a different perspective. :smile: And the directing is fantastic!! There’s a lot of unique elements to the story, and I’m excited to see more! :blush:


Hi, first of all thank you so much for taking time to read it :pray:t3: I was starting to think that no one would reply :sweat_smile:
You are right about the retention, we didn’t think about it like that :blush: we will probably split it, thank you :relaxed: It’s just the other episodes are long too :sweat_smile: (not as much as this one tho) so we will talk about how to split it so the episodes are all quite the same lenght :smile:
And also thank you for the positive feedback :black_heart: it means a lot that you enjoyed it :blush:

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No problem! :blush: I’ll definitely read it when you guys publish it!

Good luck!! :yellow_heart:

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thank you :blush::black_heart:

i can read it tess <3

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I would be really happy to have your feedback :blush::black_heart:

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