Can someone recommend bad stories

Hey, all! Anna here :slight_smile: !!

Can someone recommend me bad stories to read? Me, @BloomDk and @KennaMatthews are bored.



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What do u mean by bad stories

Do you mean like cliché?

Just go on featured.


haha no. I’m looking for stories that have like bad directing.

:-D:-D I never saw such a searching thread :smiley:

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As funny as this thread sounds, don’t post anyone’s story as bad. People work hard on their stories.
Let’s be kind now…:relaxed:


I agree with @LaurieKrisette, it’s probably better if you steer away from directly, specifically naming stories you deem bad or poorly directed. Someone really worked on that and it’s not fair to criticize them for something that takes a long time to master like directing.

If you are looking for stories that maybe aren’t 100% polished, I would suggest checking New User Stories in the Stories We <3 section because there are some stories there that haven’t been proofread or glitch-tested (although there are many that are amazing, too! Some of my favorite stories I’ve found in the Recently Published Section, but I digress)


Oh. Nvm then…

…thanks, @tylerthegirl and @LaurieKrisette

Sorry for wasting everyone’s time…

Can someone pls close this topic??

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