Can someone recommend me a story?

Can someone tell me a story with 2 or more male love interests ? It doesn’ t have to be finished ,i prefer fantasty or mistery but any you know will work.


Have you read college of eternity? It’s exactly what your looking for, but with two extra love interests who are female.

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Read my story Charmer on Episode!

CC is limited.
Choices do matter.
Description: You thought your life was doomed to be monotonously filled with agony.
Well… things are bound to change with the arrival of a mysterious infamous badboy.

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Hey! I have a story that fits your preferences:

Story: The Cure & The Cause
Author: Bellucci
Genre: Fantasy
No. of episodes: 7 (ongoing)
Description: When Safina is faced with the Headmistress of the Ravenscourt Academy, secrets begin to unfold. What happens when she uncovers more about herself and the people around her?
Link: Episode Writer Portal
IG: @bellucci.episode

The darkness within by Jess fox is a great fantasy story

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Recently completed reading Story: Esterville Prime by @evelyn.woods & @ft.baka you should give it a try too :black_heart:

Here’s the link:

It has 2 male love interest + Mystery/Thriller genre


Hey you can give my story a go! It has 2 male interests - fantasy

Title: Fabled: Chasing The Sun & Moon
Author: Shiv
Genre: Fantasy (Mystery/Romance/Comedy)
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 10- Ongoing
Description: Azula must bring her mom back to life! Vampire Royal’s agreed to help, yet her Werewolf family HATES Vampires. There is only one way to make it work by choosing, the Sun or the Moon?
Other Info Full CC of MC, family, LI.'s Bonus Scenes, Art Scenes, Point System, Choices Matter,
Rainbow Hidden Gem Badge, Second Place of Best Romantic Partnership - Episode Awards 2023
Episode Writer Portal

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I did thank you

‘A sip of time ‘ is an amazing story

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  1. A Siren’s Prophecy
  2. A Sip of Time
  3. Polaroids

These are fantasy (1,2) and mystery (3)! :black_heart:

I love Chasing Dream! Check it out! https// episode Episode Writer Portal