Can someone redesign this background?

Hello. Can i request for someone to redesign this background to make it like it’s morning and afternoon?pv2_back_INT__POSH_LA_HOME___NIGHT|690x408 There is only a night version but doesn’t have a day. I’ll be happy if someone could do it for me. And advance happy new year to everyone too.


I can

Thank you very much. Just tell me when It’s finished.

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I would be very happy if you can make a morning and afternoon version of this background

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Thank you so so much

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can i have another request again? Can you turn it to a wall instead? The setting of the place is suppose to be in a city and not in a beach. I’m very sorry.

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So a wall, or a city view

i can try…

a wall

Any update?

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Oh sorry a took long, what color

The one that matches the walls