Can someone remove of this background without the outline..?

You can normally make the background transparent in the app. And then send it out and the other people download it rather than screenshot it so they get the transparent background too.

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Ibis paint x


Did you make it transparent?

I can’t seem to find how to :sweat_smile:

Check this topic: Here


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Oh, I can show you if you want

No I know how to make it transparent I just can’t do this one for some reason

Right click if you’re on a pc or press and hold if you’re on a phone to download the image

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Ah ok. You created the image right?


The thing is if she made it herself that won’t work. Certain steps will, but not all of it. (I believe at least. Not trying to sound rude)

I’ll send pics, just give me a couple of seconds


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@black_jack (it’s also me, don’t worry, I’ll just give you the info on that account)

Give me a couple more seconds cuz I gotta draw some circles

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And that’s all you need to do!