Can someone review my story? ASAP

I’m writing my new story and I’m really self-conscious on if my story is good or not. So someone please review it and let me know everything from directing, dialogue, to misspells. I want to know everything. I have written a lot more to this story, but I took it off because I haven’t edited it yet, so you will only be seeing the edited part.
If you want to review it, I will PM you the link!!!
Title: Tangled in lies
Description: You get into your dream school, only to get tangled in a twisted family affair&murder investigation. What happens when you’re forced to work with a hot stranger to find the killer?

I will review it, just PM the link :wilted_flower:

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I could get a review for you really fast! Just put in a request on my thread and I’ll get right on it! :sunflower:

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