Can someone review my story in progress?

So I am making a new story called “All About You” and I really need someone to review it, here is the link of the story
p.s: it is not called demi lovato I just wanted to put the purple dialog

Thanks! :grin:


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Sure! I’d be happy too!

Hey! It looks great so far! Keep pushing and I reckon this story will be amazing!

Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind :grin:

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I’ll check it out!

That will be great!
I need all the review’s I can get! :grin:

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Hey there! Would you be interested in reading my story in exchange for a review?

Fantastical: Saving Hybrid

Author: Silkhydra

Description: Your life is changed forever on one fateful night when you are attacked by a ghoul. High school, sexy strangers, and jokester pixies? What could go wrong? (C.C & Multiple Romance!)

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy

Style: Ink

Chapters published: 3 (ONGOING) :rofl:

Instagram: Silkhydra_episode

Umm… this isn’t a R4R I just want a review for a story in progress which is still not published :no_mouth:

But you can send them in this ones I created though :grin: