Can someone say me what all apps do u use for edits and can u say how to download Krita app

Hey guys it’s me @episodeofficial many persons are doing edits and it is awesome and I would love to try do know what app is used for edits like @PrincessAnu and many more but I don’t know how to download Keira app many persons recommended me the Krita app but can anyone say me how to do an edit easily


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Oh so you just search it in your browser and there should be a download link in the Krita website.

I use medibang on my laptop and phone and ibis paint x on my phone, which medibang you just search and when you open the medibang website there will pop up a download area and it takes you to the different device download options.

I use Ibis PaintX on mobile and when on laptop i use gimp…Pixlr is also good on laptop

Thank you so much

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