Can someone send me their character details?

I am trying to learn some new skills for practising art but I don’t really know what characters to use, so if anyone has their character description, and you don’t mind me using it, that would be really helpful.

Thank you x!


here !

Thank you so much!

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Are you looking for INK or LL ?? Does it matter which one?

Thank you!

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Only ink. I’m not really used to limelight

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Body : Caramel
Eyes : Round bold Color: green
Hair: Beach Wavy Color: Blue Light
Nose: Eleven
Brows: thick flat
Mouth: Full Round Color: Scarlett
Face shape: Round

Thank you!!

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Body: tan
Eyes: upturned feline (white)
Hair: beach waves (black)
Nose: soft natural
Brows: seductive arch
Mouth: full round (scarlet)
Face: oval