Can someone spoil the story LOVE ME BLACK & BLUE for me?


I recently started reading the story LOVE ME BLACK & BLUE by Effy Ameer. I’m waiting for my passes to refill, and I really want to know what happens next…

If you don’t like spoilers, don’t read on! I am warning you, hehe…

SPOILERS! Only click if you've read the story (or if you love spoilers like me, lol)

So, I just finished the fourth episode, where the MC is at that art event and she sees Roscoe and Agnes (I think that was her name?) kissing. Then the episode ends…

So, if you’ve read the story, could you tell me what happens next? Thanks. :blush:

The MC and Roscoe didn’t end up together… she ended up with Dedric and I just hate it but there will always be stories that will not make you satisfied but cried til the end :wink:

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Whoaaaa. I don’t even know who Dedric is :joy: