Can someone spot the mistake?

Could anyone tell me what’s wrong with this? ALEXA (talk_neutral)

    YOU (think_rubchin)
(What do I think Zoe should do?)

choice “Forget, it won’t work out” {
YOU (sigh_disappointed)
You should just leave him alone,
It won’t work out.
ZOE (talk_clutchchest_sad_loop)
Oh, I didn’t know you felt like that.
@ZOE is idle
@ZOE -1
readerMeasage Zoe -1
ALEXA (react_startled_subtle)
[NAME]! You should know by now!
That’s the last thing you should do!
ALEXA (talk_excited_happy)
I know what to do!
Why don’t you do something at the party?!
} “Do something at the party” {
YOU (talk_excited_happy)
I know,
You should do something at the party and maybe get to know him.
ZOE (talk_excited_happy)
Yes! That’s a great idea!
@ZOE +1
readerMeasage Zoe +1
ALEXA (talk_neutral)
So are you sure you have an outfit?
ZOE (think_rubchin)
I think so.
ALEXA (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)

Alexa needs to be saying smth after talk neutral, unless u want her to just be doing that without saying anything. Then do
@ALEXA is talk_neutral

it should also be
“Forget, it won’t work out”{

“Do something at the party”{


I did that and it’s still not working… But thanks anyway.

Have you changed readerMeasage to readerMessage?

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Oh yeah I’ve done that.

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Ok, lol

Did everything work out?


Did you got an error?