Can someone spot the mistake?


Could anyone tell me what’s wrong with this? ALEXA (talk_neutral)

    YOU (think_rubchin)
(What do I think Zoe should do?)

choice “Forget, it won’t work out” {
YOU (sigh_disappointed)
You should just leave him alone,
It won’t work out.
ZOE (talk_clutchchest_sad_loop)
Oh, I didn’t know you felt like that.
@ZOE is idle
@ZOE -1
readerMeasage Zoe -1
ALEXA (react_startled_subtle)
[NAME]! You should know by now!
That’s the last thing you should do!
ALEXA (talk_excited_happy)
I know what to do!
Why don’t you do something at the party?!
} “Do something at the party” {
YOU (talk_excited_happy)
I know,
You should do something at the party and maybe get to know him.
ZOE (talk_excited_happy)
Yes! That’s a great idea!
@ZOE +1
readerMeasage Zoe +1
ALEXA (talk_neutral)
So are you sure you have an outfit?
ZOE (think_rubchin)
I think so.
ALEXA (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)


Alexa needs to be saying smth after talk neutral, unless u want her to just be doing that without saying anything. Then do
@ALEXA is talk_neutral

it should also be
“Forget, it won’t work out”{

“Do something at the party”{



I did that and it’s still not working… But thanks anyway.


Have you changed readerMeasage to readerMessage?


Oh yeah I’ve done that.


Ok, lol


Did everything work out?




Did you got an error?