Can someone suggest some names

Hey guys!
I’m having some trouble deciding the names of my characters
I need both male and female names
Names that can be made or used as a shipping name later
So if anyone could recommend some that will be great
Thank you

Here are a few ideas ( I don’t think it’s very good though)

Holly and Brandon - Holdon
Georgia and Casper- Gasper
Dave and Millie - Mave

I will think of some more

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My ideas:
Neil and Beverly - Neverly
Dean and Marley - Dearley

It might sounds not good at all :disappointed:. I’ll try to think more.
Just for fun: Fawn and Schmidt - Fawmidt. You can take it if you like =))))))))

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Thanks for your help @LivLoveDance7

Thank you

Moved to Resources section! :v:t2:

Cameron, Lily = Cily, Lameron
Hannah, Mike = Hike :joy: , Mannah
James, Rina = Rames, Jina
Dave, Flora = Fave
Suzanne, Ted = Sed, Tuzanne
Valerie, Kai = Vai, Kalerie (kinda sounds like calorie lol)
Well I hope I helped :grin:

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Oh… you literally did
Thanks for your help @Huwayda_A.Z

Amara; Brendon; Max; Olivia; Oliver; Victor; Nicolas; Bella; Emily; Cathy; Thomas; Cyrus; Dylan Josephine; Natalie

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: