Can someone teach me how to do a couple things?



Hello as you can see I am a learning artist and I need help with a few things - I have already asked some artist and they gave me awesome imformation but if you could give me a picture tutorial for soemthing that would be awesome.
I am looking for artist that can help me improve with this and again if you can give a picture tutorial that would be awesome and plz pm me
Backgrounds - Taken
Art scenes - Taken
Outlines - Taken
Overlays -
Some Edits -
Character edits - Taken
And thats all Thank you


Can I see some examples first for I can give some tips


Which one do you want to do and I am on my mom’s computer so I cant show them now




Yeah but which one were yo interested in teaching


All of them


Really thanks so much !


I forgot to add improving overlays and edits


Hi you can go on moonlight.epy on instagram :slight_smile: