Can someone teach me how to make an edit like these please

Hi everyone!! So you know I try to make edits every art release and they look very plain and simple!! So can y’all tell me how to add stuff on clothing and change the color and put different hairstyles and how to change sleeves etc on a Chromebook if you have one. I will put some pictures down how I want to make edits and also can y’all tell me how y’all make it and what app do you use and so on so I can learn and if anyone could teach me that will be really appreciated and I will credit you and mention!! @Charmdoll @nayu.ep @reetm.epy @Vanzie_here @aashna_episode @Lilyedits26


A lot of these use photoshop (or other similar type of program) as well as limb overlays to get the poses that you want and are not available in episode.

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gimp is the best one for free that most people use (its basically the free version of photoshop-ish) And the controls arent too hard once you have the hang of it xx

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For all my edits I basically use Picsart for everything, however for a few editing tips u can check out my instagram Highlights with 'Tutorials ',more tips coming soon.Hopefully my tutorials are helpful :relaxed:

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I’m not free to teach one-on-one since I am a busy person myself… I use medibang paint on an ipad to remove the background, change poses by using other limbs, and for editing custom outfits. (I just trial and error for that)

U can watch timelapses of other editors :> goodluck!

Can you tell me everything you do to make it

Can you tell me where did you get your bobbles from off of the hair tutorial

They’re actually black balls from Picsart stickers that i use

Sorry I can’t

Thank you so so much!! I dont know what I would do without you.

I got it. Thanks so much @Charmdoll!! Credits to her!!!

Hey, I really appreciate that you liked my edit :hugs:

I may not be available to teach every detail, but I use PicsArt, Ibispaint X for most of my edits. I use various Episode Animation and merge them for the kind of pose/animation that I like. Same goes for Custom hairstyle & outfit. I go for trial & error method till the time I don’t like the outcome.

You can refer to the time-lapse that various editors post on Instagram :relaxed::hugs:

ok thanks

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And you are welcome

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