Can someone teach me how to make beautiful edits?

So im new at editing and i could use some times on highlightes on skin and other feauers
I wanna make beautiful edits like @fake_bananas @Faye_ep @nayu.ep @Dragon @
Your edits are so gorgeous

If anyone could give me tips and trick on highlighting skin, other beautiful features and effects etc that would be great!

And bassically i want it to give that standout effect and shades

You cann PMme oo!
Thanks a lot


I already told u my secrets lol

Here I gave a lot of what I do:

In addition to that, use the app remini to enhance the edit when being done, the quality will be a lot better then.


hey !! depending on what editing software u use, i could give you some tips, as well as some brushes for editing :))

Thank you! I’ve actually had quite a few people ask how I do my highlights haha so here’s what I’ve said before:

Basically think of any “high point” on the face and body, so like the cheekbones, nose, shoulders, collarbones. Usually what I do is I’ll go in for a subtle highlight first, then add some shadows (under the cheekbones, jawbone). After that I’ll typically add a more intense highlight (but you don’t have to) to the highest of those high points and sometimes underneath where I added the shadows, just to balance it. You can even just imagine where the sunlight hits you the most when you’re outside.

im not really great at standout effects and shades, but here are some tips I guess:
(I use medibang paint for editing, and I also manually erase the background instead of using an online bg remover)

  • Clipping tool is something I use so whatever highlight or shading I add will only apply to the character, and not the background
  • I use the Multiply blending mode above the character for shading, Soft Light for highlighting, and Add for intense secondary highlights.
  • The brush I use is airbrush for the shading and highlights. I just subtly put shading and highlights here and there, paying attention to the Limelight model.
  • I start with the Multiply layer first. I typically add a darker shading below the chin, and other body parts while paying attention to the light source.
  • then, I go with the soft light and add layers. I use lighter colors for the highlights, and I set the opacity of the Add layer to 15-20% so it is not too bright.
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