Can someone teach me how to realistically shade in my outline? :pleading:

Hai, it’s currently summer for me! Yay! Also I’ve been working on editing while I wait for a new computer. Anyways, I drew my own outline on Ibis paint X and I say it came out pretty good lol. Okay, so I’ve been trying to shade it and lets just say it…SUCKS BUTT and I wanna learn how to do it realistically. :sob: Please anyone who knows how to shade perfectly I beg chu please help meh! :sob: :heart:

This is my outline I’m trying to shade and also PLEASE DO NOT STEAL IT I DREW THIS OUT OF INSPIRATION! :blush:


Anyone? :sob:

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It kind of hard to seek for realism in ink style as it is way too cartoonish but I think @Zelda04 's tutorial will be helpful to an extent.I’d advise playing around with brushes and avoid air brush as much as possible.

If you want to learn realistic shading then you need to first understand the basics of light, shadows and planes, possibly even anatomy to know where areas of the face are convex or concave. This is a long procedure and takes a lot of time. If you feel like you don’t want to invest time into it I would just leave it be. Nevertheless, here are some tutorials on skin shading for example.


Do chu think this will work if i use ibis paint? :blush:

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It works on every software. It depends on your skill and not on what software you use.

You know Microsoft Paint, right? Totally shitty programm?

Check this out.

You can shade realistically if you use the watercolor tools, I think, for Ibis.

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Really??? Could you tell me what it is used for maybe I try and watch some of the vids up above to :blush:

The watercolor brushes are premium brushes, but they can still be used (ad).

Typically, I use the watercolor bleed brush variant set to a larger size (above 50) with an opacity below 20, and I lightly stroke areas in an attempt to show shading. I recommend you watch the videos as well, and perhaps try my method.

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