Can someone tell me how to add an lighting effect to the story?

So I’m trying to add an lightning strike effect in the story, like a flash and BOOM an lightning strike–
Can someone tell me how to direct this thing?

Place the overlay to position. Set the opacity to 0 at start. You can write something like that:

BACKGROUND with LIGHTNING to #.# X Y in zone # at layer #
&overlay LIGHTNING opacity 0 in 0
&zoom reset
@cut to zone #
sound thunderclap
&overlay LIGHTNING opacity 1 in 0.15 THEN overlay LIGHTNING opacity 0 in 0.15
@transition fade out white 0.15
@transition fade in white 0.15

While you set the overlay’s position you might change the opacity to 1, then after it’s fixed, you can start with 0. ^^

Thank you! :grin::grin:

You’re welcome! ^^

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