Can someone tell me how to do background edits?


How do you do background edit and a step by step plan


In detail


@Rac5hel could you help




I would help but I can’t make backgrounds


What do you need to know? I only know how to edit backgrounds that already exist, though…


Sorry I don’t know many people who do backgrounds and I just wanted to help out


Ummmm I know someone who could want to pitch in. try @ ThorneArtStudios on this forum


So if you’re wanting to know how to start from scratch and make backgrounds I’m not the person. But if you mean changing a current background into something new, I’ll gladly help :smile:
Here’s what I do.

I turned this background:

Into this:


@Artistofepi said to pm her


Thank you all
@abygail.bauman I was just wondering how to edit already made backgrounds?


So can you explain to me what background you’re editing? It really depends on what background and what you’re adding or removing


I don’t really have one in mind. But I was meaning changing something from night to day and vice versa


Okay so I tend to use multiple things. I always use PicMonkey, though. There are websites/apps that allow you to screenshot specific parts of your computer screen and I use that A LOT (I recommend Fireshot). So say you wanted to change the window from night to day, I would screenshot the entire area I want changed. Opening that screen shot in PicMonkey, I’d either lighten the colors so it wasn’t so dark, edit a day sky over the night sky, or even just completely remove of the sky.


Oh okay thank you so much


But PicMonkey is best used with premium. If you want, PM me and I’ll give you premium for free so you don’t have to pay to try it out :smile:


Thank you can I pm you tomorrow. Thank you


Sry I’m late but glad you got help