Can someone tell me if my story plot fits the DD competiton theme?

Hiya for those who don’t know me most of you I’m RJK,
I recently came back to writing and decided to try get my grove back with the DD competition.

I have a plot but I’m not sure if it matches the guidelines for the competition…

DD: Lights, Camera, Action.

A story about Mari Louffant, A famous popstar whose career is on the verge of ending after the word got out that she didn’t believe in love, in a final attempt to salvage the popstars career her manager sends her onto a virtual dating reality show… where she learns to embrace the idea of love again and meets online people as its televised to the world.


well, the guidelines say you don’t know the person you’re dating. People are introduced to each other in reality shows.

The reality show is a virtual dating show tho so it’d be like love is blind kinda.

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Seems fun.

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but not completely into the topic.

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alrighty thankyou!

@Sydney_H this ones all good to be closed

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it sounds interesting @RJK

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: