Can someone tell me if this is possible?


I am working on an idea where you have to answer a number of questions during the whole story. But I am now thinking about whether it is possible to do something like that and how I should work it out.

The idea is like a tournament and if you answer 3 or more out of the 5 questions correct, you win at the end of the story. and if you have 3 or more questions wrong, you lose in the end.

Is there a way to list multiple answers, in the "if choice is: … " like this:

if (question 1. is “1 or 3”) {

You got it wrong

if (question 1. is “2”) {

That one was easy.


or do you really need to write them down one by one?

(also is it even possible to make such a thing at all?)


on my first story I did a mini game kinda like this too but i did gotos so

label questionwrong

Question 1

“(answer)” {

You got it right!

goto rightanswer

“(answer)” {

You got it wrong…

goto questionwrong

“(answer)” {

You got it right!

goto rightanswer

label rightanswer


I don’t think it’s possible to word it that way, but you could do what @LI05 has done and add in points, then at the end you could have an if/else branch for if they got 3 points or higher they win.

This guide will probably help you with that…


yea true, if you add points you would be able to do the if/elif


Thank you so much! that will really help, I didn’t know you could add points. this will really help!


No worries :relaxed: The points will make what you’re trying to do a lot easier


yeah, i was afraif I had to do everything individual and that would be so much work! this will really work


quick last question, do you know if there is a way to reset the points during the story.

Like for example, you do a quize, and after the first round, your points get reset so the next round everyone starts at 0 points.


Yes, you can reset points: