Can someone tell me what a branch in episode coding is.. -_-

Every single time I’m making the choice to skip a scene, this pops up:
Choices must follow with dialog immediately, not a branch. wth is that supposed to mean.
Don’t judge, I’m a new author so can someone explain or help ls thanks.


x(error is right here) choice
“Yes, I would like to skip this scene please.” {

 As you wish

@transition fade out 2
goto skip_scene

“No, I would like to read this scene please.”{

Very well.

goto mature_scene

label mature_scene

A branch is basically when you have a choice, your first choice is one branch and then the second choice is the second branch, so on and so forth.

Is there a text box or dialogue right before the choice? You have to have a dialogue box or something before the choice.


Would you like to see this scene?
“Yay” {

(Insert whatever here)

“Nay” {

(Instert whatever here)