Can someone tell me what I am doing worng (FAQ coding problem)

(Ignore the text above please :slight_smile: )
There is an error that pops up and I can’t fix itttt

It looks like you’re trying to do a choice within a choice. Choices have to follow after dialogue or narration only.

After line 420 you forgot to close the choice
Add a } , so it’ll look like

“I’m done asking questions”{

Are you sure you’re done asking questions?

“Yes, I’m done.”{

And the rest of your script here

Yes but no.

The bracket is in the wrong spot on yours. Here’s what it’d actually look like:

} "I'm done asking questions" {
Are you sure you're done asking questions?
<GREEN>"Yes, I'm done"{
#whatever your q&a finish label is here
}"No, I'm not done yet!"{
goto QandA


You need a second bracket to close up the original choice option, and it’d go right after the end bracket of the no option (as bolded here).