Can someone tell me what this animation is?

Hi guys, can someone please tell me what animation this is?? I’ve seen it used in a couple of stories (limelight)
It shifts eyes kinda like the idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop but with a pout and without the arms crossed… hopefully that makes sense :sweat_smile:

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Maybe try searching “atcam” in the search box on the animations so you can see all the animations where the character is looking directly at the camera. It would be nice to see the animation you’re referring to lol

Blablabla embarrassed ?

This… one!

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This one? Sing_fail_embarrassed

idle_armscrossed_awkward_loop, perhaps?

Yes, that’s it! Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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it was react_sit_confused if you were wondering

Not it, but thanks anyways!

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