Can someone tell me what to do with this?

It says i made my character stand but i didn’t? i want her to stay in the animation run_fall but she only does it once then she is idle?

and i never put @KAZ is idle, so idk why this is happening x

A character will go back to idle once they are finished walking. Instead of having them enter while doing the animation run_fall, have them enter while running then make them do the run_fall animation

@/KAZ enters from right to screen left and KAZ does it while run_athletic THEN KAZ is run_fall

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Okay, tysm xx


what does this mean again? x

What does your script look like

You need a period or exclamation point for that “HAHAHA” dialogue. You must always have an ending punctuation anytime you have dialogue in all caps.

Oh right aha, thank you again x