Can Someone tell me what wrong

Keep comping up but I don’t get what wrong with my friend code

Here a photo of it in order IMG_1058 IMG_1059 IMG_1060

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It should be something like

Says whatever




And so on. It’s important to not have a space between the character talking, the word choice, the options and the curly brackets.

So you put what they say first right

On line 402
You need dialogue before this

Also in the first screen shot
Before it says Cody candy red the word choice there you need a dialogue before the word choice as well.

Dialogue meaning whether it be
Blah blah
Or the character speaks

Blah blah



So have a look is this right

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On lines 353 -358 I would erase that and put
It this way instead:

label picking_outfit
DOMINC (think)
(Which one should I wear?)

And then you’re choices here

You need to move “label picking_outfit” above Dominc’s dialouge on it’s own separate line, the label is not registered as dialouge. So it’ll come up as an error.

Like the word choice should be on line 358 right before your choices

hey, do they give homework like create your own story

Na if only

if only what pls tell me

by the way what do you guys do here

If only homework was do you own story

ok thanks

i am bored and i dont know what to do

what about this

Read or write a story