Can someone tell me who made these backgrounds pleaseeee?

Hi so im new in the all forum and asking for help things im not even sure if it’s in the right category lol, but I have been on episode community for some really long time tho!
But anyways,
do you guys know who made these backgrounds so I can give them credit? thank you :))

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Where did you find them?

I found it here on the forum but I don’t remember from who :sweat_smile:

You can check your activity, but I can’t find anything.

ok ok thanks :slight_smile:

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hi! did you manage to find the owner? i really like this background and would like to check out the drive😍

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hey, no I did not manage to find the owner I’m sorry :sob:

it’s fine. i’ve had that problem before too. maybe i can help you find the owner? :hugs:

oh my gosh, yes please, THANK YOUUUU

okay, what i did when I needed to find the owner of the background is tried to remember if i have seen it in any story. maybe u recall seeing this one too? or maybe like what letters were in the owner’s name? those little details would really help us!

can u tell me when u find the owner too ı wanna these kind backrounds too

well I have such bad memory so I don’t really remember the letters of the owner name I just remember it was here in the forums, and I think it was on one of the official background sharing threads

ok ok

@awwdaniela @Aria5
I FOUND THE OWNER, although she says no credit needed, that’s why I just saved it without seeing the owner! :grinning:


yea, i found one in your liked but i didn’t find that one in particular, unfortunately. gonna keep looking tho :joy_cat:

AYEE! Thank uuu!! :heart: you did it yay

you welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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