Can someone tell me why its doing this?

okay, i think my scene scripts are right because when i preview them on my computer nothing is wrong, like NOTHING … everything is soo smooth but when i go to see how it looks on my phone my overlays that are placed are scattered before going into position … why does it do that ? like it seems like i place my overlays wrong but then a second later everything is fine i don’t get it… it does this to every scene with overlays… is it my scripts orrrr what ? :sob: :sob:

Screenshot 2021-05-01 153953

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Change all @ signs here to ampersands (&), then move the transition command to be below the command “&EMMA moves to layer 4” :slight_smile:


to your question WHY - its because of using @ instead of &

@ has a beat - portal reads it too quickly so you will not see it but it’s visible in the app.

If you want everything to be set right from the start you need to use &


thank you luv !

thanks !